Sep 29,2022
Can bath bomb help you lose weight
The main ingredient of bath bomb is drain salt; Salt not only has the function of softening dirt, adding salt and minerals to the body, but also has the effect of reducing weight. Its principle is that according to the sweating effect of salt, it can discharge excess water in the body, promote skin metabolism, eliminate waste in the body, plus salt can soften dirt, add salt and minerals, so salt can not only help to lose weight, but also make the skin become more delicate and pink.

Bath Bomb: How to lose Weight
Obesity is usually caused by the accumulation of fat or edema, Bath Bomb can stimulate the sweat glands and sebaceous glands on the skin, so as long as you do a proper amount of massage on the thin part, you can discharge the excess water and fat in the body, promote the metabolism of the skin, and eliminate the waste in the body. The osmotic effect of salt can eliminate puffiness and promote fat movement, which has an unexpected effect on shaping the body's curves. You just need to use salt to massage accordingly, can carry on local and whole body weight loss. If your skin is more sensitive, also can use more fine "bath salt" instead of kosher salt.

1. Slim legs
After taking a bath, apply the bath salts to the parts that need to lose weight. After evenly applying, massage this part for five to ten minutes, then wrap the plastic wrap around this part, and continue to massage with both hands across the plastic wrap. After 20-30 minutes, remove the plastic wrap and wash the bath salts.

2. Shape your butt
Start by raising your legs and rubbing enough salt on your hands. Spread your palms out and massage from your ankles to your knees and knees to your thighs. Stop as soon as the whole leg gets hot, but don't wash the salt off, wrap the wrap from the ankle up, the trick is to still lift the leg up and apply a little bit of force as you wrap.

3. Eliminate abdominal fat
To LET ADIPOSE GRANULE BECOMES SOFT, CAN WIPE SALT ON ABDOMEN, HOLD ADIPOSE WITH BOTH HANDS, MASSAGE CEASELESSLY ACCORDING TO CLOCKWISE NEXT. After about 15 minutes, wrap the abdomen in plastic wrap as soon as you inhale, then open it after 20 minutes and rinse it out.

4. Get rid of double chins

Put enough salt on your right hand and move your left hand from the center of your chin to the right. Move your left hand from the center to the left in the same way. Wrap the chin area in plastic wrap and rinse after 10 minutes.

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