Oct 12,2022

How long do bath bombs last?

Just like food, bath bomb ingredients have recommended expiration dates and expiration dates. Shelf life is the allowable period of time during which any product can be stored without losing its effectiveness. Bath bombs have an average shelf life of about six months.

Bath bombs are compacted mixtures of natural ingredients, such as sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and citric acid. Both ingredients have a long shelf life, but citric acid begins to lose its potency over time. The good news is that you can preserve the potency of citric acid by storing it in an airtight container.

Bath bombs are designed to produce acid-base reactions when exposed to moisture or water. So the longer they are exposed to moisture in the air, the faster they lose their foam, and over time they begin to lose their effectiveness. The fresher they are, the better they work and the faster they bubble.

However, some people prefer to store their bath bombs for long periods in compact bulk bath bomb containers. Even if someone does this and keeps them for two years, they can still be used, but they won't work as well as fresh. Some don't bubble at all, but slowly dissolve and crumble when submerged in water.
The key is to use your bath bomb while it's still fresh. The same shelf life issue applies to perfumes. The aroma won't smell as nice or strong because some essential oils will start to evaporate when stored. Some may even start to spoil if they are mixed with natural ingredients such as fresh fruit extracts, fruit juices, flower petals or other fresh herbs.
Use bulk bath bomb containers to store soda to extend shelf life.
Bath bombs should be stored in a cool, dry place, such as a cupboard or basement. Premature foaming of bath bombs is mainly due to moisture in the air. If you live in a humid climate, a dehumidifier can help you store bath bombs properly.

Like all other beauty and bath products, you can also store bath bombs in the bathroom. However, they will be highly exposed to steam and moisture. Storing your sodas in airtight bulk bath bomb containers such as Mason jars or Tupperware will help protect them from moisture in the bathroom. Another factor to consider is bath bombs that contain fresh ingredients such as flower petals and natural oils. As mentioned earlier, they can go bad over time. Here is a little guide to the shelf life of some bath bomb ingredients, even when using bulk bath bomb containers.

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