Sep 06,2022

Received inquiries for orders for 2000 sets of Shower Steamer sets. The customers are mainly on the Amazon platform in the United States, targeting women. This order is for 8 Shower Steamer in 8 colors with dried flowers. The customer took our spot samples and felt that they were packing The upper fixing is not stable enough. We suggest to the customer to use pearl cotton to fix it. The pieces are changed into two layers, and each layer is stacked in 4 ways, and the proofing will be arranged to come back for testing immediately. The fixation is very stable, and the customer receives the prenatal sample. After that, very satisfied.

In addition, the fragrance of the shower tablets has always failed to meet the customer's requirements, among which 5 prenatal samples were taken, all of which were rejected by the customer. There is no other way but to replace it with imported flavors with higher prices. At the same time, explain the reason to the customer and increase the price slightly. The last prenatal sample, using imported flavors, the customer is finally satisfied.

After the bulk shipment was completed, the customer freight forwarder suddenly said that there was no more storage space, and the customer was very anxious. We learned about this situation and recommended the freight forwarder we have cooperated with for a long time to the customer. The freight forwarder happened to have a fast ship to United States and the price was reasonable. The customer's problem was easily solved, and the shipment was finally smooth.

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