Nov 22,2022

An US client are finding some supplier which can offering a bath bomb full with the Epsom salts, and they will sold the bath bomb in Amazon. They did the research in Amazon and found both bath bomb and Epsom salts sold very well, so they want to combine these two together. And the main function of the bath bomb is to relax the body and relieves the mind, Achy muscles and refresh skin's appearance.   But Epsom salts is wet, it is easy to make the bath bomb lose the fizz effect, before we mixed the Epsom salts with the bath bomb, we have to make sure the salts were dry enough. And we try several ways and finally find the best way to remove the wet from salts.   Now this bath bomb are already on sales and sold very good.  If you are interested in developing your own formula, welcome to contact with me.

SHIYAN Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was established in 1996, located in the beautiful Huizhou, China, is a professional sales company of bath and skin care products, such as bath bomb ,shower steamer and so on. We have a series of high quality handmade bath products. Based on the practicality and durability of our products, we have a strong R&D and production capacity and a reliable after-sales service system, taking into account diversity and innovation. Our sales team has more than 10 years of experience in international trade, so we can offer not only the right combination of price, quality and satisfactory service, but also easy shipping and fast delivery. Our aim is to provide our customers with satisfactory products and our principle is to provide them with excellent service. That's why we can be big and strong. Company Vision. To make life easy and fun!

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Shiyan聽Biotechnology聽Co.,聽Ltd is a professional factory who specializes聽in聽bath聽salt,bath bombs and shower steamer, located聽in聽the聽economically developed聽Huicheng聽District,聽Huizhou聽City,聽Guangdong聽Province.