Oct 11,2022
What are bath bombs?

We can say for sure that the bath bomb is the most friendly skin care product for Insta at present. So far, you may have seen a lot of bathtub self photos with colorful water and candlelight backgrounds. However, what are the real ingredients of bath bombs and what are the benefits of bath bombs that many of us cannot resist?

The bath bomb is a disposable spherical mixture, including smoothing agent, aromatic extract and oil, which you can throw into the bathtub before bathing. The main ingredients are sodium bicarbonate and citric acid. Once they are dissolved in water, they will interact to produce the hissing effect that we are familiar with and love. Once this reaction occurs, the bath bomb will dissolve and decompose, releasing all the good things in it: from delicious fragrance to skin smoothing emollient, which acts as a softener on the skin.

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