Dec 19,2022
Who doesn't like bubble baths? They make bath time fun! You can have fun blowing bubbles into the air, building a bubble tower in the tub, or even giving yourself a bubble mustache. Of course, there are many other ways to make bath time both fun and luxurious. Today's Daily Wonder is about one in particular - bath bombs!

What's so great about bath bombs? Many people love the scent they add to the tub. Most of them also add an interesting color to the water, and some even contain flowers or other small fragrances. Some bath bombs also make the bath water fizzy, but most produce a fizzy sound.

What makes shower gels fizz in warm water? It has to do with the way they are made. The ingredients interact with the water to produce the effect one would expect from these scented spheres.

So, what exactly are body washes made of? Many people and companies have their own recipes, but they usually contain the same basic ingredients: baking soda, citric acid and cornstarch. These work together to form the shower bomb and make it fizz in the water.

Both baking soda and citric acid dissolve easily. When the two interact in water, carbon dioxide is produced. This gas causes the fizzy bubbles you see after putting a bath bomb in a bucket of water. Cornstarch slows this reaction by combining baking soda and citric acid. It will make the fizzing sound last longer.

Of course, many body washes contain more than these three ingredients. Most have dyes and odors that are also released when the bomb dissolves. These produce the color and fragrance that one would expect from a body wash. They may also include oils and laxative salts.

Many companies, specialize in creating unique body washes using a variety of ingredients. However, people also like to create their own at home. All you need to start is the basic ingredients, the color or fragrance you want to add, and a shower gel mold. Everything can be combined and pressed into the mold to make a custom bath bomb.

Don't have a bath? No problem! Shower bombs are also an option. They are scented and fizzy like shower bombs. When shower bombs meet water, they dissolve into a thick lather that can be used as soap.

How do you like to make shower time more fun? Do you prefer shower bombs or bubbles? Perhaps instead, you have a favorite type of music to listen to. It can be fun to find your own way to make this time of day special.

Bath Bomb Benefits
Bath Bombs Are Organic.
Contain Various Vitamins and Amino Acids.
Hydrate Dry Skin.
Soothe Muscle and Body Soreness & Aches.
Relieves Stress & Anxiety and Improves Overall Mood.
Battle Insomnia and Improve Sleep.
Strengthen Blood Vessels.
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