Shower Aromatherapy Steamers
Shower Aromatherapy Steamers

Shower Aromatherapy Steamers

  • MOQ聽:聽1000 sets
  • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
  • Fragrance :聽shea butter, coconut, ect
  • Shape: Customized
  • Color: Singe Colors,Colorful,Customized
  • Function :聽Moisturizing , Refreshing , Whitening

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More fragrant and more intense - our shower steamers are very fragrant and relaxing because we use only pure essential oils and natural ingredients, you will get the benefits of natural plant scents and aromatherapy. The set includes 6 shower bombs with 6 scents for every mood: eucalyptus and peppermint, lavender, lemon and sweet orange and tangerine, lemongrass and rosemary, rose and ylang-ylang and chamomile. The strongest scent, not overwhelming, but absolutely fragrant!

Foam Lasts Longer in the Shower - While regular shower steamers usually disappear within minutes, our shower tablets last longer and turn into fragrant foam as they dissolve. The self-cleaning formula will not leave any traces in your shower. Each shower bomb provides a unique aromatherapy experience that leaves you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Aromatherapy shower steamers create an at-home spa experience, elevating your daily shower into an opportunity to relax and recharge.

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Shiyan聽Biotechnology聽Co.,聽Ltd is a professional factory who specializes聽in聽bath聽salt,bath bombs and shower steamer, located聽in聽the聽economically developed聽Huicheng聽District,聽Huizhou聽City,聽Guangdong聽Province.