Sep 23,2022
4000 sets of shower tablets order, the customer is a US Amazon seller, who has made food-grade effervescent tablets, the shower tablet is a new development, the order is 30 grams * 8 pieces, 4 different flavors, each wrapped in tinfoil, customized stickers, each bag Put a custom card. The customer is expanding the product, and after researching the hot-selling product in the industry, he decides to develop a shower sheet. The customer bluntly said that this product is very unfamiliar to her, but she is optimistic about the market, and thinks of a novel packaging method - paper tube, and believes that this packaging can stand out on Amazon. We have cooperating suppliers, sent a lot of pictures and videos of paper tubes to customers for reference, and told him that the production process will be different from conventional color boxes.

After consideration, the customer ordered a sample list first, and after a week, the customer was very satisfied with the sample, which was in line with his idea. After being satisfied with our model, we suddenly proposed to audit the factory, and it is a designated agency, and only through the approval can we make an official order. Our factory has the strength and has helped many customers to inspect the factory, and then arrange all the audited materials and send them to the customer for reference. Ten days later, the customer arranged the factory inspection and passed, which greatly improved their trust in us and officially placed the order.

Poleview shower steamer wholesale supplier have always paid attention to the overall order experience of customers. From sample customization to outer packaging design, from product formula to LOGO details, from shipment to customs clearance, we always put customers' feelings first, which is what our BODYNURES has always pursued. Yes, we hope that as a one-stop platform, customers can solve all the problems they encounter through us, and protect the rights and interests of customers in the process of solving problems. This is what we have been pursuing and exploring.

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