Oct 18,2022

Amazon UK wholesale bath bomb order

5000 sets of 6 sets of 60 grams of wholesale bath bombs set, the customer is doing the UK Amazon, each different scent category for the floral category, a combination of 6 different floral scents into the set, so that the scent becomes romantic and mysterious, each single ball using two colors mixed with its color are taken with petals, the surface mixed with the relevant dried flower production, so that customers in the bath let the sense of smell and visual echo each other The customers have requirements on the dissolution time. Customers have requirements on the dissolution time, the dissolution time of pre-production samples is satisfactory, but when doing large shipments, the control of a certain raw material must be precise, and different humidity environments should add different proportions of ingredients in order to make the product achieve the effect of lengthening the dissolution speed. We adjusted the temperature and humidity of the workshop in front of us, and with the precise grasp of engineering, we successfully completed this big shipment, and the customers were very satisfied with the big samples after the products came out.

In the process of communication with customers, we guided them in a clear and organized way, gave them suggestions and help, and actively cooperated with them. The customer feedback product in Amazon received bad reviews: dried flowers will clog the drain. After getting the feedback, we found a yarn bag on the market, which can be placed inside the yarn bag when in use, not affecting the dissolution of the product and the output of the fragrance, but also keeping the bathroom clean and not clogging the drain.

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