Sep 27,2022

2000 sets of 4 sets of love bath bombs set, the customer is Amazon, USA, four balls painted "LOVE", as a gift for Valentine's Day's romantic atmosphere, the single ball is red monochrome, the painted text is gold, simple and not Lose generosity. He is planning to launch this set on Valentine's Day. The customer provided his own design ideas for the box, sent us some design styles he wanted, selected the background color, etc. Our designers did it according to the ideas provided by the customers. Preliminary design draft, communicate with the guests many times, and make the most suitable design for the guests. It turned out that it was a 14-day delivery period to communicate with the customer, but the customer had to follow up with a batch of goods that needed to be rushed. The customer requested that the delivery be delivered in 9 days in advance, so that the customer could save a fee; considering the customer's situation, the company internally After the production adjustment, the original 8-hour work was increased to 11 hours, and the overtime was 3 hours. The overtime cost of the workers increased a lot, but we did not charge additional payment from the customer. Finally, the customer launched the product in time before Valentine's Day, and the sales response was very good. it is good.

We are a bath bombs manufacturer with more than 20 years experience. If you want to know more about the sales of Amazon Aromatherapy bath bombs on Amazon and how to sell shower steamers better on Amazon, please contact us, we often ship a series of operations for Amazon customers, including OEM.

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