Sep 27,2022

2000 sets of 4 sets of Disney bath bombs set, the customer is Amazon USA, the customer requires a single ball shrink color shrink film to highlight the Disney theme, a single ball represents a Disney princess. Since the consumer group targeted by the customer is children, it is more cautious and requires a variety of qualifications that meet American standards. We provide samples for the customer to test, and promise to pass the test; but because the full-color shrink film is made of PVC material, it is relatively soft and shrinks. The process will be wrinkled and the efficiency is very slow by manual single shrinkage. By communicating with the shrink film supplier, you can make another material PET is harder, and then communicate with the customer to make a half-pack to increase its production efficiency. The result is also very good. The customer is also very good. Satisfied, successfully placed the order.

Our production line:

Poleview Biotechnology Co., Ltd, as a manufacturer and supplier with more than 20 years of experience in the personal care and beauty field, mainly produces various shower steamers and bath bombs. Such as dried flower bath bombs, built-in toy bath bombs, crystal bath bombs, rainbow shower gel bombs, fruit bath bombs, streamers, etc. For bath bombs, we accept OEM ODM request.

Besides shower steamers and bath bombs, we can also accept OEM designs for soaps, shampoo gels, masks, body lotions, etc.

Our factories and services:

We have imported advanced production equipment for research and production. per item

Strict inspection and re-inspection are required before shipment from POLEVIEW. POLEVIEW also has several stores on Amazon, which have passed GMPS and ISO certificates.

In addition to the huge production base, advanced R&D technology and equipment, POLEVIEW also has a reliable and talented design team who are able to select products and accessories to create stylish products.

Our mission:

In the process of continuously improving quality, we believe.

We believe in continuously providing the best service.

In becoming your partner to win, we believe.

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Shiyan聽Biotechnology聽Co.,聽Ltd is a professional factory who specializes聽in聽bath聽salt,bath bombs and shower steamer, located聽in聽the聽economically developed聽Huicheng聽District,聽Huizhou聽City,聽Guangdong聽Province.