Oct 11,2022

Are bath bombs safe for kids

Bath bombs are bath products that can make bath time fun. Their bubbly nature and relaxing scent are why they are preferred. When the product is placed in bath water, a hissing sound occurs when the two main ingredients (baking soda and citric acid) react.

Most people ask "Are bath bombs good for kids?" This is usually because the bath product is considered exciting for children because it is formulated for adults. Bath bombs made with all-natural ingredients are safe for your children.

Other ingredients include essential oils, Epsom salts, spices, flower petals and glitter. Bath bombs have many benefits and can be used on your children. Buying bath bombs designed for children is the best option, as they also do not contain harsh chemicals.

You can add a POLEVIEW Bath bomb to your child's bath water and rest assured that it won't cause any reaction.

Now, you can choose to give your child the best bath bomb to fit, such as the Pokemon Bath Bomb, or try some DIY bath bombs.

The raw material
Children's skin is usually more sensitive than adults'. That's why the general rule is to avoid bath bombs that contain dyes and flavorings, as they may cause skin irritation or other reactions.
Only if it is made from only natural ingredients can you claim a bath bomb that is safe for your child. Choosing the right one through this process is not an arduous task. Be sure to check all ingredients before purchasing.

Consider the age barrier when deciding whether to use bath bombs for your child. Make sure you check the ingredients list correctly to prove that it is designed for children.

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