Oct 12,2022

Australian Customer shower steamer

15,000 sets of shower steam set, Australian customer, seller of Australian Amazon, this order has a total of 3 types of combination, each type of 5000 sets, each set contains 3 different fragrances, distinguished by different box design. Shower piece for essential oil formula, and then with a high concentration of essence proportion, fragrance and lasting.

This customer cooperation from 2020 to now, we have been made with the customers produce, customers have cooperation forwarder in China, this year the order quantity is large, and because the causes, the freight cost is very expensive, and amazon operation cost is higher and higher, learned that customers have this trouble, we try to save costs for customers, and cooperation with us several freight forwarders contrast, Recommended to the customer four different channels to do DDP terms. According to customer feedback, the price of each channel is very advantageous, so we decide to arrange it by us. In order to catch up with Christmas sales, we choose the Matsen regular bank card with the fastest pace, which is not only stable and fast in time, but also twice the price of other freight forwarders, saving more costs, and customers trust us more.
How do I use my shower steam?
What's the best way to use a bath bomb? It depends on your mood, but there are some general guidelines. If you're more focused on encouraging creative thinking or relieving stress with uplifting scents, try placing the shower steam next to a stream of water, as it hisses. Keep an eye out for any interesting color-changing effects.

Are they safe for children?
Some people are concerned that these products may contain chemicals that are not suitable for children. If this is a problem, ask the store to check the label and determine. However, if this isn't a problem for you, don't worry -- they're safe for everyone. They don't have much smell, so they don't irritate allergies or sensitivities. It's also great for people with sensitive skin or eczema because it doesn't leave any oil on the skin like some lotions do.

We are the shower steam factory, the production of shower steam has many years of history, click here to understand the details of the shower steam.
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