Oct 20,2022
bath bomb ball color efficacy

A pure and romantic way to beautify your skin - bath bomb
Bath salts are not just a luxury at the salon, but a "bath bomb DIY" at home is the fashionable choice nowadays. After a day's work, put a tub of water in the bathtub, pick a bath salt according to your mood, light colored transparent crystals aroma charming, tense nerves are relaxed, the mood also began to cloudy.
Different colors of bath salts have different effects
Blue bath bomb - can relax the brain, the role of the bath salt ball, restore the body's self-control. Suitable for insomnia or when environmental stress increases.
Orange bath bomb - a feeling of renewal rises from the bottom of the feet, engulfing unrest and depressed emotions.
Purple bath bomb - to make the brain clear, feel uplifted, stimulate creativity and inspiration. When working late at night or encountering difficult work, it may give you a flash of light.
Red bath bomb - accelerate the pulse rate, promote the flow of shen epinephrine, affect the pituitary gland secretion, lethargic you suddenly feel passionate, confidence.

If you adhere to the bath bomb for a long time, you can also reduce body fat, slim body can also prevent arthritis, rheumatism, frozen shoulder and other ailments; hot compress in the fat layer of the thick parts, can directly reduce the fat in the area. Go and try it!

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