Sep 29,2022
Benefits of Foot bath bomb
1,Foot bath bomb can treat beriberi. Foot bath salts soak feet to treat beriberi. This is because foot bath Bomb has a good effect of eliminating viruses and bacteria. When Foot bath bomb is put into hot water and the heat of water is used, the skin can better absorb the anti-virus and anti-bacteria components of Foot bath Bomb, and the effect of treating beriberi can be realized.

2. Foot bath bomb can clean your feet. Foot bath salt has a strong cleaning ability because of its anti-virus and bacteriological effect.

3. Foot bath bomb exfoliates your skin. Since foot bath salts have an exfoliating effect, soak your feet with a foot bath bomb in hot water and use the heat from the water to enhance the exfoliating effect.

4, can replenish the kidney, anti-aging. Because our human feet are the farthest from the heart, so the blood supply is very small, and the style foot bath bomb can let the active ingredients into the kidney and heart, and promote blood circulation, has achieved kidney, anti-aging benefits.

Often wash the feet with foot bath salt, and massage Yongquan and other acupoints, can promote local blood circulation, help sleep anti-aging effect, but also can treat the cold, and even enhance memory, make the mind feel relaxed.

How to use the foot bath bomb

Fill the basin with water, take this product into the foot bath, water temperature between 40-48‚ĄÉ suitable for their own appropriate, soak and wash the foot for about 15 minutes, then take this product and a little water with foot massage effect is better, forehead and back sweat is normal phenomenon.
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