Sep 21,2022
The customer needs to develop an bath bombs. The explosive salt needs to be made into a spiral effect at the bottom. According to the normal practice, workers need to twist and release two different colors of balls in layers. This can be done, but it will be very slow. , the labor cost will be very fast. The price was quoted to the guest, but the guest was too expensive to do it. Finally, we notified the adjustment of the method of explosive salt. Using tools, we finally developed a method that can quickly make a spiral-shaped explosive salt, and updated the price to the guests. Because the labor has been reduced a lot, the guests are very satisfied with the price and the model. Soon Just placed an order.

It turned out that it was a 14-day delivery period to communicate with the customer, but the customer had to follow up with a batch of goods that needed to be rushed. The customer requested that the delivery be delivered in 9 days in advance, so that the customer could save a fee; considering the customer's situation, the company internally After the production adjustment, the original 8-hour work was increased to 11 hours, and the overtime was 3 hours, and the overtime cost of the workers increased a lot, but we did not charge additional payment from the customers;

Professional skin care product manufacturer

1. We are a factory supplier, not a trading company. 20+ years of OEM and ODM experience.

Fast delivery: 5-7 days for samples; 10-30 days for order delivery. Sample testing: make samples until you are satisfied;

2. We have MSDS, CE, GMPC, ISO22716, etc., certified.

3. We have the most complete production and testing equipment, the best cosmetic R&D team and professional design team, providing a full range of customized services to help your products get better sales.

4. Professional sales team: efficient and professional pre-sales and after-sales service.

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Shiyan Biotechnology Co., Ltd is a professional factory who specializes in bath salt,bath bombs and shower steamer, located in the economically developed Huicheng District, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province.