Sep 28,2022

French guest website sells essential oils, he wanted to set a bathing suit, contains two rainbow bath bombs, a custom, heart-shaped soaps + essential oils in their company, heart-shaped soaps we now have a 100 grams of mould, guests just need is the gram weight of soap, but the colors of the rainbow effect, not the guest want, After many times of rainbow color matching and proofing, the final effect of the customer satisfaction. The customer needs the high-definition pictures of the product to be put in the Amazon link. He had a photographer originally, but his photographer was sick and he couldn't find the right person at the moment. If there is no pictures, the product will be delayed. So our designer team helped the customer take some high-definition product pictures, and processed the pixels and size of the pictures according to the requirements. The customer was very satisfied, and the product was successfully put on the shelf, and got a lot of praise.

We are bath bombs supplier in Guangdong Province for more than 20 years. Mainly supply a large number of bath bombs, shower steamer, bath salts, soaps, essential oils, etc.
With a professional, creative and customer-oriented development team, we design and produce according to customer requirements. And cooperate with the Chinese Academy of Sciences for many years to develop new materials and new products.
We specialize in industry standards and protocols in different countries and regions to provide the highest quality products. Our products are sold all over the world, such as America, Europe, Australia, Korea and Hong Kong, etc.
We look forward to working with you, thank you!

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Shiyan聽Biotechnology聽Co.,聽Ltd is a professional factory who specializes聽in聽bath聽salt,bath bombs and shower steamer, located聽in聽the聽economically developed聽Huicheng聽District,聽Huizhou聽City,聽Guangdong聽Province.