Sep 23,2022
How to choose bath salt

In our lives, salt has long since gotten rid of the role of simple kitchen condiments, bath salts, cleansing salts, foot bath salts, etc. These are all good helpers to make our skin healthier and more perfect. Bath salts are good for health, but the types of bath salts There are so many and dazzling, consumers are dazzled and don't know how to choose.
So, how to buy bath salts? What should you pay attention to when buying bath salts?

1. Choose bath salt according to skin type. Before using bath salts, be sure to do a skin test on the soft part of the arm to detect allergies or adverse reactions, especially those with sensitive skin.
In general, products containing grapefruit, citrus and lemon are suitable for normal or oily skin; products containing rose essential oil are suitable for dry skin, and products containing vitamins, minerals, and essential oils are suitable for sensitive skin. Ingredients for fine-grained bath salt products.

2. Choose bath salt according to the ingredients. Bath salts are more than just table salt. Natural deep-sea bath salts contain a variety of trace elements that can be used for face and foot bathing, promoting metabolism and repairing uneven epidermis; chamomile bath salts are good for soothing nervous nerves, promoting sleep, and soothing emotions; lavender bath salts are good for sleeping, reducing stress, The role of soothing muscles and bones; rose bath salts can treat nervous tension, improve aging cortex and so on.
In addition, bath salts contain multiple MSI elements such as iron, calcium, selenium, and magnesium that are needed by the human body, which are of course beneficial to the skin. The minerals and essential oils they contain can also supplement skin nutrition, making the skin Healthier and more radiant.
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