Sep 21,2022
How to choose bath salts?

Choose bath salts according to skin type

When choosing bath salts, it is best to distinguish them according to your skin type and physical problems. For example, when we choose a bath salt that contains a variety of vitamins, minerals, essential oils, etc. with different ingredients, the sensitive skin should choose the type with finer particles; the suitable technique for neutral and oily skin is to use some containing grape oil, citrus Products with ingredients such as lemon and lemon; dry skin is most suitable for companies to choose products containing rose oil.

The natural deep sea bath salt bath salt containing a variety of trace elements has a more natural effect and can be used to wash the face, wash and lose weight. People who want to shrink pores are best to use this type.

People with acne-prone backs can wash off with a special massage weekly bath salt, but don't use too much force; if you want to exfoliate, you can also use this type of bath salt, but it's best to rinse with cool water behind.

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