Dec 14,2022
Learn how to make bath bombs! Love those great fizzy bath bombs, but don't want to spend $6 each? It's easy to make your own DIY bath bombs with natural ingredients that soften your skin. Instead of big round balls, these homemade bath bombs are half the size. One bath is enough to make your ingredients go farther. Using floral or decorative molds makes them look pretty and a breeze to make without all the fuss and headache of sticking round bath bombs together.

This technique does take some practice to master.

Honestly, sometimes you want to make a bunch to give as gifts and want to be sure they won't break or explode and look pretty enough to give away. When you press one into a floral, heart or shell-shaped mold, it will almost certainly turn out pretty!

Switch to natural ingredients in your homemade bath bombs
Since this recipe is part of a natural skin care line, you can rest assured that the ingredients are natural and safe for your skin and water. I see a lot of items (unicorn rainbow, anyone!?) are loaded with unnecessary artificial dyes and colorants.

Plants and nature provide us with many wonderful scents in the form of real essential oils, as well as many natural color options. There is a better way!

I know many other bath bomb recipes that recommend synthetic fragrances and colors. Yes, they make bright, beautiful bath bombs. However, there are trade-offs to be made. I don't want to say they are toxic, but I choose to use natural ingredients.

How to Make Bath Bombs
When you use these natural products or give them as gifts, you can be sure they are good for your body. Making your own DIY bath bombs is a great way to know exactly what goes into the water and onto your skin (or your loved one's skin!). .

Bath Bomb Ingredients and Supplies
Makes 6-7 large/12-14 small bath bombs (one side), or 3-4 large/6-7 small bath bombs (both sides)

2 cups baking soda
1 cup citric acid
100% pure witch hazel
Spray Bottle
10-20 drops of 100% pure essential oils (do not use fragrance in any bath or body products)
Natural coloring (green = spirulina, yellow = turmeric, purple = sage)
Metal or hard plastic mold

DIY Bath Bomb Instructions
1. In a large bowl, add baking soda and citric acid and mix thoroughly.

2. Add 1/2 teaspoon of coloring and mix well. Add more color if you want a darker color, but remember that too much color will leave a ring in your tub, so don't rush. In any case, the color will become more pronounced when you add witch hazel.

3. Add 20-30 drops of essential oil , stir well.

4. Spray the entire surface of the powder mixture with a witch hazel filled atomizer or spray bottle and mix by hand. Continue spraying and mixing quickly until the mixture sticks together when rubbed with your hands (think of making snowballs).

Working quickly, press the mixture firmly into the DIY shower gel mold. You can use soap-making molds, chocolate molds, ice cube trays, or even plastic Christmas tree decorations that snap into two parts. The key is that they are plastic and large enough to hold homemade bath bombs.

6. Gently tap the molds to release the bath bombs and carefully place them on a towel or tray to dry.

7. Allow the homemade bath bombs to dry for 30 minutes or until they are hard and will not fall apart. 24 hours before use.

Making the Bath Bomb Round
Round bath bombs are much more difficult to make, but I can see the appeal. They are a classic shape and sometimes you want to try and replicate as many store-made shapes as possible.

To make round bath bombs, fill two round halves to the top. You want them to be loose but overflowing. Press the sides together with force. Let them sit for a minute, then tap the mold to release the shower gel. Let them sit for 24 hours like any other body wash before using or packaging.

Another way to get amazing shower bombs is to pack the two halves in pairs in a clear, stiff gauze bag.
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