Oct 10,2022

How to use a bath bomb

Fill the bathtub with water. Fill it as deeply as possible, then choose a comfortable temperature. If you plan to spend more time in the bathtub, please choose a little hot water to relax your bathing process to the greatest extent. Please put it in the bathtub.

Throw the bomb of your choice into the water. Once in the water, it will begin to bubble and froth, and eventually it will dissolve and saturate the water with salt, butter and essential oil sealed in it. How long does it take for a bath bomb to set? Usually, it takes about a few minutes. However, when the bomb is still hissing, you can freely enter the bathtub.

Find a comfortable position and relax. You can read a book and listen to your favorite music. If you have a shower speaker, or just lie down and soak in warm water quietly, let it relax your whole body.

With the water cooling naturally, it's time to leave the bathtub. After using the shower bomb, you do not need to wash in the shower. However, if you use colored bombs, bombs with flash or black bath bombs, it is recommended that you do so.

When draining, clean the bathtub as needed. Just wash with warm water, or use a brush or sponge to remove the dye residues in the bathtub to prevent stains.

Some useful tips
Most people think that the bath bomb will not expire. In fact, they did so. If you want to achieve the maximum hissing and fragrance effect, please use the maximum dose of bath bombs within one month from the date of manufacture.
Many bath bombs include some dried petals, herbs and glitter. To prevent all of these components from clogging the drain and sticking to the edge of the bathtub, simply place the shower bomb in a cloth or nylon bag to keep the petals and flash inside and let all other ingredients pass easily through the fabric.
Some shower bombs are very large, which means that you can use a single ball to bathe twice by cutting the shower bomb in half. Just remember to wrap the remaining half in a film and store it in a dry place or in some airtight cans.
If you like any type of DIY crafts, you can easily make bath bombs with your favorite ingredients. No complicated tools and specific skills are required, only a few special bath bullet molds are required to package the mixture into shapes.

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