Oct 28,2022

How to use bath fizzer: Bath fizzer has many benefits such as exfoliation, whitening, and skin care. It is also called bath bomb because it contains carbonic acid and bubbles when put into water. the main ingredients are citric acid and sodium bicarbonate, and then surfactant and anti-caking agent are added, as well as sodium sulfate and sodium chloride. In water again, it will dissolve quickly.

Bath salt ball how to use.
1銆丗ill the bathtub with one-third of warm water first, then put the bath salt ball into the bathtub, then continue to fill the bathtub with water so that the bath fizzer will melt completely.

2, then you can take a bath, if the bath fizzer is a no-rinse formula, then there is no need to rinse with water after the bath, which will leave valuable essential oil components for the skin. If it contains ingredients that must be rinsed off, you will need to rinse it off with water.

3, the amount of bath salt ball according to their own use, for example, used to soak feet, only a small amount of bath salt ball can be taken.

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