Sep 22,2022
How to use bath salts

The Best Bath Salts for 15-30 Minutes

The use of bath salts does not necessarily have to control the bathtub. You can put it in a cloth bag and rub your skin when you are in the sauna to replenish the salt lost due to sweating; or we can directly put it in the cloth bag and hang it on the shower head to choose a shower. ;After cleaning the face and skin with the facial cleanser, you can also mix a small amount of bath salts with a basin of water, and spend about 3 minutes to start the problem to develop again. Clean and use the face.

When taking a bath with bath salts, we generally use 70 grams for adults and 50 grams for children, and the time is best controlled within 15-30 minutes. During the bath, you can also use normal saline to massage the whole body in the order of the elbows, then the thighs, calves, and then the chest, abdomen, and back, then soak in the water for a while, and finally wash with plenty of water. Clean and apply different skin care lotions.

This soaking-and-massaging method not only removes dirt, but also continuously enhances the vitality of the student's whole body to treat the skin.
It should be noted that bath salts and water for oily skin can be simply mixed; for thousand skin, you can use half a spoon of bath salt, a spoon of water-soluble or weak oil massage cream mixed with water.. If you feel uncomfortable, just warm and ventilate place to rest. People with high blood pressure and poor heart function should not bathe for too long, the water temperature should not be too high, and the soaking water level should not exceed the chest; it is best not to use lavender bath salts for patients with low blood pressure.
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