Sep 20,2022
How to use the bath salt bath´╝č
Before taking a bath salt bath, be sure to choose the right bath salt according to your skin type. Generally speaking, the particles of bath salts for sensitive muscles should be small, medium and oily skin can choose bath salts containing citrus, lemon and other ingredients, while dry skin can choose bath salts containing rose essential oil. In addition, if you want to shrink pores, you can choose natural deep sea bath salts and so on. After the body is completely soaked, take an appropriate amount of bath salt and massage the whole body in the order of the elbows, then the thighs, calves, then the chest, abdomen, and back. . Bath salt bath time is best not more than half an hour, 15 to 30 minutes is appropriate.

In this way, the body can be cleaned and there will be no discomfort, dizziness and dehydration caused by taking too long in the bath. In particular, people with high blood pressure and poor heart function should control the time of bathing in bath salts. When taking a bath with salt baths, it is better to choose at night. On the one hand, it can help remove oil and dirt from the skin, so that the skin can effectively repair itself at night, and on the other hand, taking a bath before going to bed can help relax the body and mind and improve sleep quality.

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