Dec 13,2022
Do you need to know "how to wrap a bath bomb"? So you've made your bomb, and whether you want to wrap it to sell, wrap it as a gift or keep it fresh, you want to know how to wrap it, or what to wrap it with. Maybe you're looking for new ideas on packaging body wash

Things you might need to wrap body wash
Shrink wrap
Cling wrap
Paper bags
Toilet paper
Kraft paper
Gift bags
The list could go on and on, but a combination of one or more of the above items will provide you with enough material to not only wrap your shower gel, but also to prepare it for shipping when needed.

You can make bath bombs for recreational or commercial purposes. Either way, at some point, you will want to give a beautiful gift as a present or promotional item!

My goal in this article is to answer all possible questions about bath bomb packaging. So let's get stuck in a rut.

Shrink Wrap Bath Bombs
Shrink wrap is a simple plastic product that shrinks when exposed to heat. You can find it on all kinds of packaging from stationery to food. Shrink wrap is almost everywhere. Why? Because it's easy. Just place it around your shower bomb, heat it with a hair dryer, and it will shrink and seal the shower bomb.

What are the different types of shrink wrap I can use to wrap my shower bombs?
You really only need one, but the right type for wrapping shower bombs is ......

Insert shrink wrap
Shrink sleeves
Shrink wrap bags

The most convenient for wrapping body wash is #3 - shrink wrap bags.

As you would expect, they are sealed on 3 sides and have an opening to put your bomb inside. Ideally, you can seal the bag and then heat it to shrink it.

Where can I buy shrink wrap?
You can buy shrink wrap easily and cheaply from Amazon. 200 Shrink Wrap nags will be cheap, or if you want to use more, you can buy any number up to thousands wholesale.

At what temperature does shrink wrap shrink?
You really don't need to know the best heating technique for shrink wrap. Just use a hot air blower. In case you're dying to know, shrink wrap will shrink above 250 degrees F. It will melt at 350 degrees F and then it will soon start to burn.

What is shrink wrap made of?
I'm afraid it's polymer plastic. The world's worst enemy. If you can avoid shrink wrap, the environment will thank you!

Wrap shower bombs in tissue paper
This is a very nice way to wrap your shower gel.

Just in case there's any confusion, we're not talking about toilet paper here, we're talking about wrapping paper! Wrap it in tissue paper if you like!
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