Oct 12,2022

Italian Customer Shower Steamer Perfect Cooperation Experience

There are 5,000 shower steamer, operated by an Italian customer, mainly selling various gift sets. The shower steamer is 45 grams square, and it is an accessory in one of the customer's sets. It is wrapped with tin foil and attached with LOGO sticker, and the customer will assemble it by herself after sending it to Italy. The client was very satisfied after receiving the sample. After that, the customer suddenly put forward to factory inspection, and is the designated agency, only through the formal order. Our factory has strength, has helped many customers to inspect the factory, and then all the materials of the factory inspection are sorted out and sent to the customer for reference, ten days later the customer arranged the factory inspection and passed, greatly enhance our trust, the official order. After that, it returned orders every month. The fragrance is lavender, which is loved by retail consumers.

You might be wondering how to use shower steamer. The shower emits aromatherapy odors during use. They are also known as shower steamers, shower sodas, or shower bombs. To use our shower steamer, open and remove the foam from the foil, then moisten under a running shower to activate the shower steamer. Then place the shower head on the shower floor, toward the corner or directly spray water. The shower head should be lightly sprayed with running water. When it starts to sizzle, pure essential oils are released into the steam and the shower is filled with the aromatherapy smell of the shower sizzle. To adjust the intensity of the odor, you can move the bubbler closer to or away from the direct flow of water. The shower head can also be placed closer to you in a soap dish or ledge for a stronger fragrance. Showers do not contain dye, so they are gentle on your tile or shower floor.

We are the shower steam factory, the production of shower steam has many years of history, click here to understand the details of the shower steam.

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