Oct 21,2022
How to make homemade bath bombs
Homemade bath bombs at home are easy and quick to make, secondly, the materials are readily available and environmentally friendly, thirdly, they make the daily monotonous cleaning work fun, both the fresh fragrance relaxes the body and mind, and the pure natural plant energy nourishes the skin, fourthly, the materials themselves can clean the oil and soap scum, soak and clean the bathtub, it really has many benefits.

1銆丳reparation materials
Baking soda, anhydrous citric acid, cornstarch (or potato flour), cold pressed vegetable oil, essential oils, herbal powder (can be added or not), molds, electronic scales, stainless steel tubs, gloves.

2銆丷ecipe ratio
Baking soda: citric acid anhydrous: cornstarch = 2:1: 1

3銆丳roduction method
(1) Put on gloves, mix citric acid anhydrous and cornstarch and knead well.
(2) Add baking soda and stir well, you can mix while rolling like the early stage of the dough
(3) Add a little flower and herb powder (such as rose powder, comfrey powder, mugwort powder, crocus powder, etc.) to adjust the color, some colors may make the bathtub dirty, so please consider carefully whether to add.
(4) after mixing well, add for the total amount of powder 1% of cold-pressed vegetable oil such as sweet almond oil, can be blended into their desired compound oil before (essential oil concentration of 1% can be)
(5) After all the ingredients are mixed well, when the hand squeezed into a block will not immediately fall apart can be put into the mold. You can choose a cheap and good PVC mold or jelly cup, a small piece suitable for a bath portion. The trick is to press it as hard as possible! It is best to add layer after layer.
If you are using a three-dimensional round or heart-shaped bath ball mold, into the mold is more difficult. You can press half into a concave half into a convex, and then the concave half from the top down tightly clasp the convex, the success rate will increase. In order to avoid expansion burst, you can use plastic wrap to wrap the tightly clasped mold.
(6) Patiently wait for 30 minutes, you can take off the mold, if you are not in a hurry, or afraid that the bath ball will turn into a bath powder after demoulding, then put it on 1 day and then demould it for better results.
(7) bath salt ball molding after demoulding, placed in a ventilated place for a day, then you can wrap it with plastic wrap or put it in a sealed jar to avoid moisture dissipation.


Some recipes will add laxative salt, laxative salt will produce a rotating effect to make the bath salt ball throw into the water to increase the fun, but can not be used in combination with foaming powder. The laxative salt will eliminate the bubbles, the more you add the faster the elimination, so if you want the bubbles to last, do not add laxative salt or sea salt in the recipe.

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