Oct 21,2022

American free brand wholesale Christmas bath bomb set customer case

Wholesale 7000 sets of 12 sets of 80g Christmas bath bombs set, the customer for the United States to do their own brand website, each single ball top coated with cream plus different Christmas-related toys, red packaging and Christmas toys are to increase the fun of this set of products. The customer provided a photo of the net figure toy to try to add to our bath ball, but this toy is not the regular style of our existing suppliers, we purchase extended search channels finally found on the website with the customer net figure related toys, multi-channel purchase accessories to meet the customer's needs.

The customer said he liked a bath bombs toy he saw on the Internet, and sent a picture, we need to help find out if we can purchase this toy accessories. We then searched the internet as requested by the customer and quickly found the toy the customer wanted and sent the picture and related dimensions to the customer, and arranged to purchase the toy samples. After receiving our pictures, the customer expressed great satisfaction that we could reply and make arrangements quickly in such a short time. After the sample was sent out, the customer was also very satisfied after receiving the sample and successfully placed the order!

Our goal is to become the most satisfied product Bath Bombs supplier for all customers, to win customers' trust with high quality service and low cost products, and we believe we will do better with your support.

Reasons for choosing us.
High quality and low price: The products are made of imported materials to ensure safety from infringement. The bathing material includes toner and moisturizer, which is applied to the skin and absorbed by the skin. Cheap price, the most sincere price enables us to work together.

Technical expertise. Employees are not only experienced, but also have access to strong technical support from the company at all times to ensure safe completion of production.

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