Oct 18,2022

Amazon UK shower steamer custom wholesale customer case

The customer is a U.S. Amazon seller needs wholesale custom 8990 sets of shower steamer sets, shower steamer is a new development project, the order has two different sets, one is 30 grams * 15 bags, 3 different flavors, each package tin foil, custom stickers; the other is 30 grams * 6 boxes, each shrink wrap, custom stickers, both packages are put a custom card.

The guest himself as a newcomer to Amazon, the first contact with this type of product, after taking samples of our samples satisfied, shower steamer mainly or do scent, recommended the guest to do 5% of the scent, the guest is a personal seller, do not know the design. Our side to provide copy, our professional designers to assist in the design of two versions of the design of the green style, to the guest, the guest looked at the selection of one of the version, said very satisfied.

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Shiyan Biotechnology Co. is a professional manufacturer of bath products with a history of over 20 years. Our main products are shower steamer, bath bomb, aromatherapy candles, etc. Our products are healthy and environmentally friendly, with no animal ingredients or animal testing. Our company has advanced production workshops and automatic assembly lines, a full set of aseptic filling machines and vacuum heat sealing machines, advanced technology, professional production equipment and testing instruments, and the ability to produce high quality bath products. All products are processed by skilled staff in a 20,000 square meters workshop.
Our 8 automatic filling lines produce 600,000 bath and shower steamers per month, and our 6 assembly lines package over 1 million sets of bath gifts per month.

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Shiyan Biotechnology Co., Ltd is a professional factory who specializes in bath salt,bath bombs and shower steamer, located in the economically developed Huicheng District, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province.