Sep 21,2022
An inquiry from a Polish customer, the inquiry product is 3 100g bath bombs, each of the three balls has a color and a fragrance, and the three are put into a rectangular window folding box, the quantity is 30,000 sets, and they are sold locally. The client found a fragrance in Poland and thought it smelled good, especially suitable for men, and wanted to send us a large quantity of fragrance from Poland. We have learned that China imports a large number of essential oils and other products. The customs are strict and may be inspected, which will not only delay time, but also increase high costs and inform customers of the facts.

We have a cooperative flavor factory, and we suggest that customers send 10ML samples to help with the preparation. According to the customer's sample, he made 3 kinds of fragrances, sent them to the customer for comparison, and finally chose one of them. He even felt that it was cooler and more comfortable than the fragrance he started looking for. The customer was very satisfied, and finally successfully placed the order!

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1) Provides any state any city standard certification.

2) Provide training, products, packaging, cleaning, transportation, maintenance, storage, repair and second-hand trade.

3) Provide low-risk strategies, financing, human resources, expansion, website marketing copywriting, etc.

4) Design and manufacture high quality, lighter weight and small package size products for your business. Easier to pack and transport.

5) Three-year long warranty.

6) Support one-stop OEM service

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