Oct 16,2022

Romania wholesaler shell bath bombs

20000 sets of shell bath salt set order, the customer is a Romanian wholesaler, this model is for the children's market, 110 grams * 4 sets of one-piece folding box, 4 different colors, each color corresponds to a fragrance, floating multi-bubble formula, each shell put a very cute little toy inside.

Customers have requirements for the dissolution time, pre-production sample dissolution time is satisfactory, but when doing large shipments, the control of a certain raw material must be precise, different humidity environment to add a different proportion of ingredients, in order to make the product achieve the effect of lengthening the dissolution speed. We adjusted the temperature and humidity of the workshop in front of us, and with the precise grasp of engineering, we successfully completed this big shipment, and the customers were very satisfied with the big samples after the products came out.

SHIYAN Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was established in 1996 and has over 25 years of experience in manufacturing and selling bomb bathtubs, shower steamer sets, aromatherapy candles, shampoo soaps, etc.
With highly qualified staff and advanced technology. We strictly follow GMPS22716SGS international quality standards, we not only have a large production base with advanced technology and equipment, but also have an excellent design team who are able to select bathroom products and accessories and create stylish bathroom products with the most advanced technology from our highly qualified staff.
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