Sep 22,2022
5000 sets of 3-pack 150g geode bath bomb sets, customers make accessories for supermarkets, the main product is a bath pillow with bath bomb products to increase its added value, the packaging is a PVC transparent box, which perfectly shows the exquisite appearance of the geode and attracts people. client.

The customer's demand is that the crystal salt sticks firmly to our bath bomb products, but can't use raw materials that are harmful to the human body. I found a circle of raw materials and learned that the edible glue can stick to our salt particles and can also be perfected by hot water. The absorption and auxiliary materials are all natural raw materials. When the geode is produced, the shrinkage is completed, and the gold powder will fall off along with the shrink film, which attracts serious complaints from customers. Fortunately, problems were found in the samples in time for the large-scale goods. The importance of large-scale goods samples is also highlighted here. From the experience of the samples, the gold powder fell off because the drying time of the product was not long enough. The drying time was prolonged and the gold powder coating layer was thinned to make the gold powder tightly adhere to the product. The customer received it later, felt very satisfied, and immediately placed the order.

We are the top 10 bath bomb OEM and ODM manufacturers in China.

1. We have more than 30,000 square meters of factory workshop and have SGS quality certificate.

2. We have more than 200 workers and 8 production lines.

3. Our factory has a professional R&D team to support OEM/ODM.

4. We have 20 QC workers to control the quality.

5. Our daily output is 500000 pieces, which can guarantee the delivery time and stock.

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