Sep 30,2022

Shower steamer Vs bathtub bomb

However, one difference between bath bombs and shower steamers is that these relaxing shower steamers with essential oils will not dilute in the carrier oil. They also contain higher concentrations of essential oils than are considered safe for the skin. Therefore, you should not use these aromatherapy shower tablets as bath bombs in bathtubs, even if they are similar formulations.

In the past few years, more and more companies began to manufacture their own shower steamers, such as Lush Cosmetics, Body Shop, Schmidt Nature and Pacific Shaving Company. Basically, each company has its own version of the shower steamer. Many people prefer to mass produce them for long-term use rather than buy those sold in stores because they are usually expensive when purchased separately from stores.

There are many different brands of shower steamers, with a variety of fragrances to choose from, such as lavender relaxation, or mint to enhance energy. The shower steamer market has never been so popular with body product enthusiasts. Their popularity is due to their excellent combination of fragrance and skin care effects, as well as their ability to relax and complete the shower in a few minutes.

They are usually available in two sizes: small and large. Small showers are ideal for one or two people, while larger showers can be shared throughout the family.

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