Oct 20,2022

Singapore custom packaged square bath bombs customer case

Inquiry from a Singaporean customer, inquiry products for custom square-shaped bath bomb, need to do custom company logo in the bath bomb, require the factory by 100 grams of weight for mold, combined a 6-pack square-shaped set. The target market for the product is in Amazon, need to make the box more sturdy boutique box, in case on the packaging bad in the process of express delivery.

After the samples were finally confirmed, the bargaining process was entered, and it was obvious that the cooperation with us, the role of the middleman, we needed to leave some space for both sides to discuss. Considering the customer was MOQ 10K single product volume, we gave a very competitive price. The middleman said after two weeks that he would discuss with the client and ended up saying the price was too expensive, which was expected. We started to think differently about what kind of assistance the customer needed to help them sell better, so I offered to send the customer a few hundred tester free test samples. The customer's sales approach needed these to help the salesman, and later the customer accepted my offer and gave us the target price, and finally successfully placed the order.

SHIYAN Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a diversified beauty and skincare research and development innovative company integrating product development, production and online sales. The company has a strong research and development team, adhere to natural plant extracts as raw materials, developed a series of environmental protection skin care products.
Our main products include: bath bombs, bubble sticks, bath salts, shampoo sticks, handmade soap, hydrosol, essential oils, scrubs, tear masks, body lotions and other skin care products, hair wax, hair oil, beard oil, beard cream and other fashion styling products, aromatherapy candles and other aromatic products.

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