Sep 30,2022

The Best Storage of Bathtub Bombs

As the bath bomb and shower steamer depend on water to activate, it is best to keep completely dry before use. This also means avoiding excessive steam. You can also cut them in half for two bathtubs. Here are some lovely ideas for keeping safe:

A lovely jar

The glass jar is simple, efficient and cost-effective. It is an ideal home for bath bombs and shower steamers. Any jar with a tight lid can do this to keep the outer elements away from the contents of the bath bomb.
If you can grasp a transparent jar, you can enjoy the arrangement of the bathtub bomb and make the jar a personalized part in the bathroom. 2 for 1 storage * and * trim options? Register us!


If you can't find a cute can, a sealed plastic bag can work! If you hide spare bath bombs and shower steamers, plastic bags can also be stored more easily than bulky cans.
Just put the shower bomb and shower steamer in the bag and hide them under the sink or in the drawer. For best results, wrap the bath bomb separately in a shrink wrap. Alternatively, similar odors may be combined to avoid cross odors.
Bathroom beautification

Bathrobe beautification is a happy experience, bringing aesthetics into your bathtub. If you want to add a table to stretch the width of the bathtub, you can set some shower bombs on it to increase the overall feeling of the room.

Keep in mind that this is only recommended for bath bombs intended for immediate use. Otherwise, the bath bomb will absorb the water in the bathroom and become less passive.
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