Sep 29,2022
The difference between bath bomb and scrub
1. Different ingredients
Scrub is an emulsified skin cleanser composed of uniform fine particles. It is divided into plant type, chemical type and flower essential oil type scrubs. Plant type scrubs contain natural plants such as almond, red bean, papaya and oat. Chemical scrubs contain artificial particles such as alumina and silica; Flower essential oil scrub contains trace elements of natural flowers.
Bath Bomb contains herbs, natural land salt, natural sea salt, minerals and plant essential oil and other components, it also adds calcium, iron, magnesium, selenium and other trace elements needed by the human body.

2. Different methods of use
Before USING the SCRUB, clean the skin first, keep the skin clean and moist, take appropriate amount of scrub evenly spread to the body, massage in circles for 3-5 minutes, then rinse off with clean water.
Bath bomb is often used for bathing. When it is used, it is put into the bathtub and the bubbles are rich. Then it enters the bath and massages the body with bath Bomb bubbles.

3. Different effects
The main function of scrub is to remove deep dirt, aged horny skin and dead skin. It also has a shrinking effect on coarse pores. Long-term use can also brighten skin tone and make skin smoother and softer.
Bath Bomb is rich in function, used on the face, can reduce T zone oil, acne and black spots; Used on hair to prevent dandruff; Used in the armpit can remove the odor of the armpit, is can shrink the skin pores, whitening, tender, freckle and acne good things.

4. Different frequency of use
It is divided into facial scrub and body scrub. Because of the strong cleaning force, it is recommended that the body scrub is used once a week, and the facial scrub is used once a fortnight or once a month.

Because of its natural ingredients, Bath Bomb will cause less irritation to the skin when used. Besides, salt has the effect of sterilization and bacteriostatic, which is good for the skin. However, no matter how good things are used frequently, they will cause irritation to the skin.

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