Nov 07,2022
Wholesale 10,000 bags of 400 grams of bath salt, the customer is the United States Amazon customers, drainage salt material for magnesium salt, with the role of relieving soreness and relieving stress, which the customer requested the addition of relevant herbal essential oils to increase the function of sleep, as a bedtime bath to use the product greatly enhance the quality of sleep, now the social crowd faces a variety of stress every day, then this product is the end customer's second choice.

The American customer's goods go by sea, but the customer's first cooperation with us, worried that in the process of the sea is not to check the logistics information, and afraid that the goods will be lost. In fact, even if the ship is at sea, we can see the positioning of the ship in real time, and after arriving at the port to complete customs clearance and unpacking, the goods will be handed over to the third-party logistics company for delivery, and the process of delivery can be used to check the corresponding logistics information with the logistics unit number we provide. There is a one in ten thousand chance that the goods will be lost, but we will compensate for the customer's loss accordingly.

SHIYAN Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was established in 2009, mainly dealing with home bath products, cosmetics, facial care, eye care, hand care, foot care, body care, etc.

We provide OEMODM services and have established business in domestic market as well as foreign markets such as Indonesia, USA, Malaysia and South Africa. We want to build long term business with all our customers, so service, quality and price, we will try our best to satisfy our customers' needs. Our factory has GMPC and ISO certification, which is very important for the quality and safety of our products.

Quality and safety of products. We have advanced equipment for manufacturing home materials and clean workplace.

Every employee has a certificate of help and they wear insulated clothing before entering the workroom. We have our own design department that can help you design what you need.

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Shiyan Biotechnology Co., Ltd is a professional factory who specializes in bath salt,bath bombs and shower steamer, located in the economically developed Huicheng District, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province.