Sep 23,2022

5000 sets of 12-pack of 80g Christmas bath bombs set, customers make their own brand official website for the United States, each single ball tops with cream and different Christmas-related toys, red packaging and Christmas toys are added to this set of products. fun. The customer provided a picture of the toy in the net picture and tried to add it to our bathing ball, but this toy is not a regular style of our existing supplier. We purchased and expanded the search channel and finally found the toy related to the customer's net picture on the website. , Multi-channel purchase of accessories to meet customer needs. The customer requires a single ball shrink color shrink film to highlight the theme. A single ball represents a toy, but because the full color shrink film is made of PVC material, the material is relatively soft, so the shrinking process will wrinkle and it is manual single shrinking. Its efficiency is very slow. It is supplied with the shrink film. Commercial communication can make another material PET is harder, and then communicate with customers to make half-package to increase its production efficiency. The result is also very good and the customer is very satisfied.

POLEVIEW bath bombs wholesale supplier always supported customers' ideas and designs, we also have our own designers and product engineers, who can provide practice for customers' inspiration and provide customers with suggestions for modification and improvement. Customization is a service we have always been proud of, with our more than 20 years of experience to ensure that our design services can meet any customization requirements.

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