Dec 21,2022
Homemade bath bombs are fun and easy to make! You can add options like dried flowers or herbs, essential oils and colors to really customize your bath bomb.

Why this project is so fun
This is a very easy project for little ones with supervision. Let them spark their imagination by helping to measure and mix, fill the molds and decide on colors and scents.

Basically, you can add any additional style you want to these bath bombs. When you're done, add 1 (or 2, depending on the size of the bath bomb) to a warm bath, sit back and relax, or make a batch to give as a gift. Pair them with some orange bath salts or mint bath salts for an extra relaxing gift.

How to Make Bath Bombs
1. Combine baking soda, citric acid, laxative salt and cornstarch in a medium-sized bowl. Stir together with a whisk or fork and remove any lumps. If adding dried flowers or herbs, add them in this step.

2. In a small glass jar or bowl, whisk together the melted coconut oil and water.

3. If coloring the bath bomb, add 1-2 drops of soap coloring to the wet ingredients and stir.

4. If adding essential oils, add 8-15 drops to this step.

5. Slowly pour the wet mixture in with the dry mixture, stirring as you go. If you see the mixture fizz or foam, you may be adding the liquid too quickly. Slow down the rate of adding the wet mixture.

6. After mixing the wet ingredients with the dry ingredients, take a small amount in your hand and squeeze it together. It should stick together in 1-2 pieces. If it is still too powdery to stick together, just slowly add a little water and try squeezing again

Forming with a double-sided mold
Pack each half of the double-sided mold tightly with the mixture until it spills over a little. Press the mold parts together, then gently remove one side of the mold. Place the shower gel on a tray to dry, then remove the other side (about an hour). The key here is to be gentle during the demolding process!

Forming the silicone ice grids
Fit the bomb mixture tightly into the silicone ice cube tray slots, flattening and squashing the top. Let sit for about 10 minutes, then carefully flip the tray over and release the bath bombs onto the baking sheet, gently patting the top of each shape. As mentioned above, the key is to be gentle during the unmolding process!

Once your bath bombs are unmolded and placed on the baking tray, they should dry for at least 8 hours or overnight, and after the bath bombs are completely dry, store them in a glass jar. These make great gifts!

Craft Tips
For alternative bathtub bomb molds, you can use fillable plastic Easter eggs, silicone ice cube trays, or look in your recycling bin! You want something a little flexible. Don't use plastic ice cube trays because the bombs can break when you remove them.
Make a bath bomb with 2 different colored sides: After step 2, divide the wet and dry ingredients in half so you have 2 even bowls of dry ingredients and 2 even jars of wet ingredients. Add 1-2 drops of 1 color to 1 part of the wet mixture and 1-2 drops of a different color to the 2nd part of the wet mixture. Follow steps 4-5 below, then fill one side of the 2-piece mold with one color and the other side with the second color, then follow step 6 forward.
If the tub bomb breaks when removed from the mold, go back to step 6 and start the molding process over. If needed, add a little water to remix the ingredients.
If your lagoon salt is already scented, you can skip adding essential oils.
If you are making a gift, keep in mind that people may be sensitive or allergic to different ingredients.

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