Nov 09,2022
Wholesale 8000 sets of bath bomb set order, the customer is an Australian buyer, this model is for the adult market, 100 grams * 4 sets of top and bottom lid folding box, 4 different free mix 2 colors, each color corresponds to a fragrance, floating multi-bubble formula, each ball with a custom sticker, each box tied with a beautiful ribbon, the best choice for gifts.

Bath bomb salt needs to be made into a spiral effect at the bottom, if the normal method, the workers need to twist and put two different colors of balls by layer, this can be done, but it will be very slow and labor costs will be very fast. Degree quoted the price to the guests, the guests are too expensive to do. Finally notified to adjust the practice of bath bomb, using tools, we finally studied the method that can quickly make spiral bath bomb, and updated the price to the guest, because the labor is reduced a lot, the guest is very satisfied with the price and sample, and quickly placed the order.

Shiyan as a excellent bath bomb manufacturer and bath bomb supplier with more than 27 years of experience in the personal care and beauty field, mainly produces various bulk bath bomb wholesale supplies. Such as dried flower bath bombs, built-in toy bath bombs, crystal bath bombs, rainbow shower gel bombs, fruit bath bombs, streamers, etc. For bath bombs, we accept OEM ODM request. Besides bath bombs, we can also accept OEM designs for soaps, shampoo gels, masks, body lotions, etc.

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We have introduced advanced production equipment for research and production. Every product from Shiyan needs to go through strict inspection and re-inspection before shipment. Shiyan also has multiple stores on Amazon and is GMPS and ISO certified.

In addition to a huge production base, advanced R&D technology and equipment, Nagaliving also has a reliable and talented design team who are able to select products and accessories to create stylish products.

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