Oct 26,2022

Wholesale3000 sets of 3 65g candles, the customer is the UK's own brand specializing in women's skin care products, essential oils to thicken, the candle scent is long-lasting and a wide range of diffusion, the package is made in a similar style to the customer's website has a rose gold color palette, elegant and fresh design gives a very gentle feeling, the fragrance is also biased towards floral scents, jasmine, figs and camellia, the combination of sets clearly positioned The combination set is clearly positioned customer groups. The candle containers chosen are wide mouth tin cans, and each candle needs to be labeled with a custom sticker, top sticker and bottom sticker, generally less than 10,000 sets of products are hand stickers, but in order to meet the high requirements of our customers, we use machine stickers although it increases the loss to ensure the quality of our customers' products.

SHIYAN Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a professional cosmetic enterprises which provide OEM and ODM service. We own modern research & development center and Production base, and have the research, manufacturing and management of the first-rate.

We could satisfy with you all kinds of demand in full system, from market planning, product design, development, production, purchasing and quality inspection to warehouse and logistics. We Strictly comply with the national quality management standard, and regulate the artificial process, improve the quality controlling, to make it become a systematization, standardization and integrity professional manufacturing factory.

The company introduced advanced technology and production equipment,With modern high-tech laboratories and full set of testing equipment.Our engineers own more than 10 years experience, to ensure the quality of products to reach the international levels.

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Shiyan聽Biotechnology聽Co.,聽Ltd is a professional factory who specializes聽in聽bath聽salt,bath bombs and shower steamer, located聽in聽the聽economically developed聽Huicheng聽District,聽Huizhou聽City,聽Guangdong聽Province.